We're raising funds to protect rights and keep families together.


What We're Doing

Connecticut Lawyers for Immigration Justice is a fundraising campaign that seeks to fulfill the promise of equal justice for immigrant families in the Constitution State.

Organized by leaders of the bar, the campaign will send 100% of every dollar raised to Connecticut's three full-service legal aid organizations, so that they can expand their work for immigrant families and children here in our state.

We need you to join us.

Why We're Doing It

We launched this non-political effort because, as individual lawyers and as a bar, we need to support the efforts of legal advocates on the front lines to preserve a bedrock principle in our constitutional system: Everyone in this country, no matter how they arrived here and how much money they have, is entitled to have their status adjudicated with full due process protections.

Lawyers can make all the difference for families in immigration cases.  Just a few weeks ago, the entire state – and much of the nation – watched as Connecticut Legal Services, joined by lawyers and students from Yale Law School, won reunification for two children who were separated from their parents at the border and detained in Connecticut.

But, tragically, that kind of representation is just not available to every immigrant family in Connecticut right now.

Statewide, all three of our full-service legal aid organizations – Connecticut Legal Services (CLS), New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA) and Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA) – have seen a significant increase in demand for immigration legal services. Every day, they seek to protect rights, promote fairness, and promote family stability for immigrants, with a focus on families applying for asylum; crime victims who seek shelter under the protections of the Violence Against Women Act; and children who are eligible for Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) status.

But they can’t begin to meet the vast demand for legal services without your financial support.


"This effort is so urgent because everyone who seeks asylum in this country should have their status adjudicated with due process protections, including the assistance of counsel."

- Chase Rogers


The Difference You Can Make

100% of every contribution will go directly to supporting urgent needs -- including payment of expert fees; purchase of new technology to support communication with detained clients; and increased staffing.

If you already support CLS, GHLA, or NHLAA, please consider a donation to this urgent, one-time campaign above and beyond your annual contribution.  If you have not previously provided support to these organizations, we hope that you will join us in this important effort.  


"Due process means that no family - and certainly no child - should face deportation without a lawyer. We need your generosity to make sure they don't."

- Bob Holzberg